What to do in Toronto’s winter? – Yikes, The PATH Tour!

Clearly, this Toronto Path tour is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen or done in winter.  And you’ll know why, in a moment.

One look at the Toronto path map and one can really get confused! The Toronto Path is 30 km of hallways and tunnels connecting shops, Continue reading “What to do in Toronto’s winter? – Yikes, The PATH Tour!”


5 Best online guides to learn food photography – for beginners!

While there is plenty of advice available online on how to be professional food photographer, but if you are a beginner you can get baffled by the number of choices available online and of course you can not read them all! Certainly you’d like to choose what to read and what not. To know what is worth your time in advance is a time saver. It can relieve you a lot of stress and keep you focused. Continue reading “5 Best online guides to learn food photography – for beginners!”

Food photography – Tips for beginners

And why not start my blog with this amazing post.

Cooking Without Limits

I often get asked photography questions: what camera I use, how to take good photos without a professional camera, etc. Everything  in this post comes after a few years of taking photos and making lots of mistakes, but learning from most all of them (Sometimes you repeat the same mistake).

  • Lighting – For a good photography you will need good lighting. Start with natural light at your window sill; turn off all artificial light and don’t use your flash. Just see how beautifully the sunlight comes in. If the light is too strong, add a diffuser, such as a white curtain, to soften the light. If taking pictures during the day doesn’t work for your schedule (as it often doesn’t with mine) then I’d suggest investing in some lighting gear. Do not use your built-in flash. Ever!  Don’t feel confined to taking photos in your kitchen. Move around to see…

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